SOCFC Match Report: 12 July 2020

SOCFC Match Report: 12 July 2020

What a wonderful weekend it turned out to be!

Thank you to all of our supporters, friends and family for making their way out to Scotch for our first home game of the season. Our special thanks as well to the many that stayed around for presentations and post-game celebrations!

The day did not start off as planned with both our C-Grade and B-Grade sides going down to the Old Ignatians sides. However, our A-Graders were able to put on an absolute show in front of a large home crowd and surge through in the last quarter to win their game by 18 points.

A Grade:

The Scotch OCFC: 13.4-82
Old Ignatians Football Club: 9.10-64

Goal Kickers: T. Fuss 4, S. Spriggs 3, P. Rolfe 2, W. McGinty, J. Lagonik, A. Kitto, S. King
Best Players: P. Rolfe, H. Jolly, A. Twopeny, S. Spriggs, J. Lagonik, J. Langford

B Grade:

Old Ignatians Football Club: 9.10-64
The Scotch OCFC: 5.4-34

C Grade:

Old Ignatians Football Club: 16.13-109
The Scotch OCFC: 8.7-55

We hope that you all enjoy the rest of your night and we look forward to seeing you next week at the Salisbury North Football Club.

Our thanks to The Old Ignatians Football Club and their supporters for their efforts this weekend.

– The Scotch OCFC

Photos are courtesy of Lachy Giles.