SOCFC Round 4 Roundup

SOCFC Round 4 Roundup

Unfortunately, we didn’t quite get the result that we were after this weekend with all three grades losing to the Broadview Football Club. However, Saturday marked a very important date for both one of our greatest contributors and to the club here at Scotch. Our game against Broadview saw Sam ‘ Silver’ Nicholls play his 250th game for the club at the age of 43 and he is only the 15th player in our clubs history to do so.

After winning the College’s First XVIII Best & Fairest in 1994, Sam catapulted to 3rd place in the Best and Fairest count for Division 3 in 1995, only his first season with the old collegians. ‘Silver’ Nicholls has sure had a few highlights in his time and a few umpire indiscretions along the way. Sam was one of the key players behind our A Grade Premiership in 1997 and was later included in the state squad for Division 1 in 1999. At this same time Sam went down in the Scotch annals by being included in our Scotch OCFC Team of the Decade selection from 1989 to 1999. More recently he was the C3 competition’s leading goal kicker award in 2018.

We unfortunately missed seeing Sam on the field for 5 years back in the 2000s when he ventured off to the Austrian ski fields for some well deserved fun and time off, however, Sam did return to the club in 2006 to finish off his football career as a one of our most important players over the past 20 years. He didn’t, however, expect to still be playing 14 years later in 2020.

Since his arrival back at the club Sam has won both B and C grade leading goal kicker awards left and right with many amazing goals in between. His ball sense, game reading and ground work has never dropped and he continues to be a danger on the field to this day. In 2007, Sam made his return to the As in our Division 3 Elimination final win over Sacred Heart and kicked a bag of 5 goals. A feat he replicated last weekend, nevertheless for the C-Grade, after kicking 5 important goals against Salisbury North.

Our congratulations and thanks to you Sam ‘ Mr Yellow Card’ Nicholls for your dedication and loyalty to our club and for the impact that you have left behind and will continue to make over the coming season (and for a few more hopefully). On Saturday Sam kicked two goals and placed fifth best afield.

We would also like to express our thanks and gratitude to all that attended on Saturday and for your continuing support throughout the season. Our thanks as well to the Broadview Football Club. On Saturday the 1st of August we again will be playing at home, however, this time we will be hosting the Henley Football Club. We hope to see you all there and encourage you to bring along your friends and family.


A Grade:
The Scotch OCFC: 7.12-54
The Broadview FC: 10.15-75

Goal Kickers: S. Wong 2, H. Jolly, T. Fuss, A. Twopeny, M. Campbell, and M. Marlsen.
Best Players: A. Twopeny, J. Chard, S. Spriggs, J. Langford, S. King, and M. Marlsen.

B Grade:
The Scotch OCFC: 3.2-20
The Broadview FC: 15.15-105

Goal Kickers: E. Oxlade, T. Freeman, and T. Swart
Best Players: M. Pederick, M. Pafumi, J. Borg, J. Young, and L. Heard.

C Grade:
The Scotch OCFC: 6.5-41
The Broadview FC: 12.18-90

Goal Kickers: S. Nicholls 2, H. White, C. Edwards, J. Stahl, A. Bruschi
Best Players: S. Darling, H. Chapman, T. Broderick, J. Thomas-Nehmy, S. Nicholls