Continuing friendships and connections for life.

The role of the Scotch College Old Collegians’ Association is to promote and continue unity and friendship among the members of the Association and the Scotch College community.

Services provided by the association include scholarships and support for various sporting clubs. A host of special events are held regularly including the Annual City Dinner, reunions, community dinners and the biannual Back to the Blue and Gold ball.

The Scotch College Old Collegians’ Association has a strong bond with the school about current and future developments. The Old Collegians’ Association is based upon the support of the students that carry out their education with Scotch College.

The History of SCOCA

Our history begins in 1910 when the Kyre College Old Boys’ Association (KCOBA) was formed. Soon after the acquisition of Kyre by the newly – founded Scotch College in 1919, moves were afoot to make sure there was only one association to represent the old boys of the schools. In 1920 the name of the KCOBA was changed to “Scotch Old Collegians’ Association with which is incorporated Kyre Old Boys Association”. In 1934 the association became an incorporated body and adopted the present name of Scotch College Old Collegians’ Association Inc.

For its first twelve years, the association presidents were all Old Boys of Kyre College, until Don McArthur in 1933 became the first president who was actually an Old Boy of Scotch College. The last Old Kyre to serve as president was Harold Tidemann in 1955. The first female president of the association was Amanda Hyde (1978).

Our Objectives

(a) To promote and continue unity and fellowship among the members of the Association, and between members of the Association and students attending Scotch College, Adelaide.

(b) To continue the connection and interest of the members of the Association within Scotch College, Adelaide.

(c) To promote and further all that appertains or may appertain to the welfare of Scotch College, Adelaide.

(d) To establish, provide, continue and discontinue:
– Prizes for competition among students attending Scotch College, Adelaide.
– Scholarships, bursaries and exhibitions for the purpose of enabling or assisting the holder to commence continue his or her education at Scotch College, Adelaide or at any university or other tertiary educational establishment.

(e) To initiate, control, subsidise or assist any undertaking, proposal or matter relating to Scotch College, Adelaide, or the Association.

(f) To provide and maintain club houses, club rooms, pavilions, arenas, dining and refreshment rooms, garages and generally such lands, buildings, premises and facilities as may be required for the convenience of members and in furtherance thereof, to purchase, acquire, sell lease, or mortgage any real or personal property and to apply for and hold any certificate, permit, licence, pr licenses as may be required for the sale and supply of intoxicating liquors to members.

(g) To do all acts, matters and things conducive to such objects or any of them.

Current Committee

Hamish Archibald (’00) President
Nick Wagner (’00) Treasurer
Rebecca Hodgson (’88) Secretary
Cassie Llewellyn-Smith (’99) Vice President
Larissa Horley (’84) Vice President
Sonia Roberts (’88) Netball Representative
Nick Fuss (’85) Football Representative
Harry White (’10) Cricket Representative
Catie Freeman (’13) Women’s Football
Jack Young  (’10) Committee Member
Angus Twopenny (’07) Committee Member
Tarquin Schahinger (‘07) Committee Member
Lily Castine-Price (’22) Committee Member
Mitch Lloyd (’10) Committee Member

Past Presidents

1921 – 22 Fred Gould
1923 – 24 N. M. Roberts
1925 – 27 Dr. P. S. Messent
1928 Mr. J. Torrens Ashton
1929 – 30 Mr. A. A. Pinchbeck.
1931 A. W. Langthorn
1932 Mr. H. E. Scrymgour
1933 – 34 Mr. D. I. McArthur
1935 – 36 Mr. G. D. Hollidge, LL.B
1937 Mr. A. M. Brice
1938 Mr. Brian Hunter
1939 Noel E. Bagshaw
1940 Mr. G. K. Hutton
1941 D. L. Chapman
1942 W. W. Jolly
1943 A. G. Sandow
1944 J. P. Motteram
1945 H. E. Zelling
1946 H. Lovat Fraser
1947 E. M. Barton
1948 Mr C. H. Bright
1949 Mr Dempster Mudie
1950 – 51 Mr S. J. Jacobs
1952 – 53 Mr E. H. Burgess
1954 Dr. G. McL. Turnbull
1955 Mr H. Tidemann
1956 L. A. Gardiner
1957 Mr E. M. Barton.
1958 N. G. Ligertwood
1959 H. P. C. Trumble
1960 – 61 Charles Swan
1961 – 63 John McLeay
1963 – 66 Gordan Davidson
1966 – 68 Brian Sandow
1968 – 70 Bob Cottle
1970 – 72 Bob Hall
1972 – 74 Robert Mudie
1974 – 78 Tony Fuller
1978 – 79 Amanda Roberston (nee Hyde)
1979 – 82 Richard Arrowsmith
1982 – 86 Graeme Heard
1986 – 93 Bevan Roberts
1993 – 96 Bruce McLeay
1996 – 99 John Wood
1999 – 2000 Ian Jamieson
2000 – 2004 Sheryl Finch
2004 – 2009 Todd Roberts
2009 – 2017 Peter Harvey
2017 – Hamish Archibald