SAAFL Team of the Year Players

SAAFL Team of the Year

SOCFC Selections

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* denotes Premiership season

1980A1Peter Hansberry
1980A1Ian Harrison
1980A1Michael Weatherald (Coach)
1981A1Rob Coulls
1988A2Darryl Brown
1990A1Neil Cross
1990A1Todd Dunow
1990A1Tony Proud
1991A1Clay Chaplin
1991A1Adam Catford
1991A1Tony Proud
1992A1Adam Catford
1998D2James Pascoe
1999D2Jon Ker
2002D2Matt Kluzek
2013D3Paul Cahill
2016D2Joe Beilby
2016D2William Thorpe
2017D2Lachlan Giles
2019D2Ashley Johnson