SOCFC Leading Goal Kicker

Shane Langley Trophy

For the Leading A Grade Goal Kicker

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* denotes Premiership season

1929A2Don McArthur
1930A2Ian Snowball
1931A2Richard Hodge25
1932A2George Stoner29
1934S/AHarry Thompson
1935A2Colin McArthur26
1936A2David Wilson20
1937A2Neil Ligertwood73
1938A2Neil Ligertwood57
1939A2Grant Jarrett28
1948A3Max Roberts101
1958A5Gay Mayfield76
1959A4*Gay Mayfield93
1960A3Syd Maidment52
1961A2Syd Maidment75
1966A3Michael Fuller27
1967A3Paul McNeil27
1969A3Gerry Allen29
1970A3Trevor McKenzie39
1971A3David Morgan50
1972A3Geoff Heard85
1973A2Ross Haslam31
1974A2Geoff Heard60
1975A2Rob Coulls / Geoff Heard42
1976A2Peter Fried46
1977A2Shane Langley67
1978A2Shane Langley55
1979A2Shane Langley117
1980A1Shane Langley72
1981A1Shane Langley50
1982A1Shane Langley55
1983A2Shane Langley82
1984A2Shane Langley69
1985A2Shane Langley89
1986A2Shane Langley50
1987A1Rick Gilfillan29
1988A2Darren Flew50
1989A2*Clay Chaplin85
1990A1Ricky Pearce36
1991A1Clay Chaplin77
1992A1Andrew Bajko / Pat Burton32
1993A1David Pfitzner24
1994A2Clay Chaplin42
1995A3Clay Chaplin116
1996A1Eddie Burns35
1997D3*Eddie Burns57
1998D2Tim Nicolle48
1999D2Tim Nicolle47
2000D2Clay Chaplin62
2001D2Nick Emmett43
2002D2Matt Kluzek32
2003D2Chris Kluzek40
2004D2Matt Kluzek57
2005D2Ben Pentelow35
2006D2Ben Pentelow60
2007D2Adam Rosser49
2008D2Daniel Cahill38
2009D3Daniel Cahill33
2010D3Daniel Cahill40
2011D4Daniel Cahill74
2012D4Daniel Cahill83
2013D3Daniel Cahill73
2014D2Paul Cahill54
2015D2Daniel Cahill52
2016D2Joe Beilby53
2017D2Shane McAdam28
2018D3Ashley Johnson52
2019D2Ashley Johnson41
2020D2Tom Fuss / Peter Rolfe10
2021D2Max Marslen50