SOCFC League Medallists

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* denotes Premiership season

1931A2 (A’s)Paul Robertson
1939A2 (A’s)Grant Jarrett
1946A2 (A’s)Gordon Gratton
1958A5 (A’s)Syd Maidment
1967A3 Res (B’s)Neil Tucker
1979A2 (A’s)Ian Harrison
1980A1 (A’s)Ian Harrison
1986A2 (A’s)Steve Parsons
1989A2 Res (B’s)Scott Measday
1991A8 Res (D’s)Angus Irwin
1992A8 (C’s)Scott Measday
1992A8 Res (D’s)Angus Irwin
1993A8 (C’s)Angus Irwin
1994A9 (C’s)Peter Johnston
1997D3 Res (B’s)Luke Gormley
1998D2 Res (B’s)Chris Arnold
1999D2 (A’s)Jon Ker
2002D2 Res (B’s)Ash Manna
2002D10 (C’s)Clay Chaplin
2003D9 (C’s)Adam Williams
2005D9 (C’s)Adam Noble
2007D2 Res (B’s)Ash Manna
2011D4 (A’s)Daniel Cahill
2013D3R (B’s)Tim Champion
2014D2 (A’s)Angus Twopeny
2015C3 (C’s)Adam Williams