SOCFC Premierships

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* denotes Premiership season

1959A4A GradeBob Cottle
1970A3 ResB GradePaul McNeil
1971A3 ResB GradeBarrie Hodges
1980A9C GradeRoss Bourne
1983A9C GradeRichard Huntley
1986A2 ResB GradeMichael Richter
1989A2A GradeIan Jackman
1991A8 ResD GradeMark Hoffmann
1992A8 ResD GradeMark Hoffmann
1997D3A GradeGraham Dewhurst
1997D3 ResB GradeNick Hodgson
2002D10C GradeMichael Richter
2003D9C GradeMichael Richter
2004D9C GradeMichael Richter
2006D9C GradeMichael Richter
2018D3A GradeKym Cobb