SOCFC State Representatives

SOCFC State Representative

And All Australian Selections

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* denotes Premiership season

SAAFL State Players

Ross Haslam1973/1976/1977/1979/198011
Ian Harrison1979/1980/1981/19829
Neil Cross1990/1991/19926
Rob Coulls1980/19814
Peter Hansberry1980/19824
Peter Johnston1985/19864
Robert Macilwain1937/19383
Michael Stone19823
Darryl Brown19883
James Pascoe1997*/19983
Allan McLeod1930/19322
Steve Parsons19812
Andrew Mayfield19832
Peter Sutherland19872
Clay Chaplin1995*/2000+2
Andrew Cosh1997*/19982
Henry Bourne2005⊕2
Lachlan Giles2013⊕/2014⊕2
Will Thorpe2014⊕/20162
Paul Robertson19311
Grant Jarrett19391
Jim Llewellyn19901
Tony Proud19901
Kent Walker1997*1
Jon Ker19991
Mark Brammy2000+1
Matthew Kluzek20031
Paul Cahill2013⊕1
Angus Twopeny2013⊕1
Scott Spriggs2015⊕1
Sam Underwood2015⊕1
Peter Rolfe20181
Jy Farrar20191
Scott Taylor20191

All Australians

Ross Haslam1973 / 1976 / 1979
Ian Harrison1979
Peter Johnston1985
Darryl Brown1988
Scott Spriggs2015⊕


*   Second State side chosen from Grades A3-A6

+  Second State side chosen from Grades D2-D6

⊕  Under 23 State side



Ross Haslam also played one State game For Adelaide University in 1965.

Ian Harrison also played two State games for Flinders University in 1971.

Jon Ker also played nine State games for SPOC 1993, 1994, 1995,

1996 (Captain) and 1997 (Captain).

Allan McLeod Vice Captain of S.A. in 1932

Ross Haslam Captain of S.A. in 1979, 1980

Ian Harrison Vice Captain of S.A. in 1981.

Andrew Cosh Captain of S.A. in 1997.

Paul Cahill Captain of SA in 2013.